Safety measures to follow before opting for online shopping


Are you adequately informed about the precautions to take when making an online purchase? Protect yourself from fraudsters and legal embarrassment by developing good online buyer reflexes.

Learn to detect fraud

The Government of USA gives you some tips for detecting online fraud:

  • Beware of traders who offer you prices too good to be true and possible counterfeits.
  • Be wary when the website is poorly designed or does not look professional.
  • Be careful if you are asked for banking information when you have not bought anything.

Check the merchant’s reliability

Check if the company appears on other sites and read what is said.

To know more about kelan Shopping shopmerchants, consult the “Finding a merchant” search tool on the Office of Consumer Protection website. This is the way to check if he has his business license or if he is the subject of a complaint or conviction.

Make sure the merchant clearly informs you of return, exchange or refund policies.The Office of Consumer Protection also suggests calling the merchant. The latter is also obliged to disclose his address and telephone number under the Consumer Protection Act.

Verify that the merchant uses a reliable online payment service

An icon should appear at the edge of your browser’s address bar. It is often a padlock or a key. The padlock must be in the closed position and the key must be intact.The website address must start with https, the “s” indicating that the site is secure.Merchants must also ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, including your credit card number.

Provide only the information necessary for the transaction

  • Your name and contact details
  • The credit card number for online payment
  • Generally, the merchant cannot demand your SIN.

Be careful when paying

Before paying, make sure that the merchant gives you all the details about the price, namely:

  • Taxes and other related costs;
  • The currency in which the total amount is payable;
  • Any additional fees charged.

Be aware that the merchant cannot require you to pay the total price at the time of purchase, unless you pay by credit card or if you buy:

  • A subscription to a magazine, a magazine or a newspaper;
  • A trip to a travel agent who holds a trust account;
  • A good or service offered by the Government, its departments and bodies whose budget is voted by the National Assembly.

Be sure to read your bank statements. Check that the amount collected corresponds to the total mentioned by the merchant at the time of purchase.

Be extra careful when buying from a non-dealer or a foreign trader

The Consumer Protection Act does not apply if you make a purchase from a non-merchant or a merchant who does not do business in USA. It may therefore be more difficult to assert your rights. Here are some additional precautions to take:

Before concluding a transaction:

Make sure that you have the contact details of the seller to contact him in case of any problem. Before paying, send an email to the seller asking for their phone number and address.Remember to pay the seller in person when he gives you the goods or services you are doing.

Read These Tips Before Buying a New Fridge

Many considerations come into play when buying a new fridge. The factors to consider range from the size to the features. You can use your Lowes promo code to compare the different appliances available. 

Investing in a fridge requires much thought because it is not the kind of appliance you replace frequently. The following tips will come in handy when buying a new fridge. 

The Type of Fridge

The first thing you should think about is the type of fridge you need. 

Fridges fall into four main categories based on the freezer location. These are bottom freezer, top freezer, French door, and side-by-side. Determine the type that will suit your kitchen needs. The space and features you require will help you choose the best type. 

Size of the Refrigerator 

Your kitchen and storage needs will determine the right fridge size. Refrigerators come in two main dimensions: standard fridge and counter depth size. 

The two options offer different storage spaces. It is a good idea to have measurements of your kitchen space when buying the fridge. The last thing you need is to get home with a fridge that cannot fit through the door. 

Choosing the Features

Modern fridges offer a wide range of features. With the smart models available, it is very easy to get carried away with all the different functions. Before you go all out, determine the features that you will use. 

Remember, the smart features come at a cost. If you are not likely to use the features very often, you do not need them. On the other hand, if you are all about creating a smart home, you can splurgeon the features you love.  

Choosing the Right Finish

Your fridge will play a prominent role in your kitchen space. Choose an appliance that will offer function while looking good in the bargain. You need to make sure that you choose afinish that complements your kitchen décor. 

If you have a contemporary kitchen, a stainless-steel fridge will fit right in, for example. Make sure that your fridge does not stand out like a sore thumb. Remember, your kitchen design can help increase the value of your home. 

Consider Your Budget

The right fridge should fit both your kitchen and your budget. Do not wait until you get to the store to figure out what you should get. 

Determine the maximum figure you can spend before you start shopping since this will help you stay within your budget. It will also help you to save time, as you can just look at refrigerators that are within your price range. 


Apart from considering the initial cost of the fridge, think about the running costs. Having a checklist containing the features that you need will help you to make the best purchase decision.

How to become a good money lender?

Money Lenders have been in reality from time immemorial, and they have proven to enhance commerce and trade. The growth of technology has also led to an expansion in the number of money lenders today. Individuals who operate private money lending find it more comfortable to get funding quicker than if borrowed from a conventional banking institution. The understanding associated with borrowing from banks and other institutions has creatively led to the birth of many others entering the business of money lending.

Visit good at money lending in jurong for more information. These are the tips on how to become a money lender:

Find preferred lending focus:

Without money, the vision of money lending wouldn’t exist. To become a lender, you need to know your ability in lending. Having a little additional money in the bank doesn’t mean you just jump at becoming a lender. Despite the lots of advantages for money lenders, isn’t a path for everyone. Before you get into lending out money, you’ll want to look at various factors including how long you want the money to be tied up and how much you plan to make with it.

Peer to peer lending platform

Peer-to-peer companies generally work online and provide services more cheaply than traditional monetary institutions. Lenders can earn higher returns while borrowers can borrow funds at lower interest rates even after the P2P lending company has taken a fee for providing the match-making platform and credit matching the borrower.

Explain processes.

Moneylenders provide funds to borrowers in their financial needs. While they serve the same objective as traditional lending institutions, there are differences.

The lending intermediary companies yield revenue by collecting a one-time fee on funded loans from borrowers and by assessing a loan servicing cost to lenders. As a lender, you can choose to dictate your methods in running a booming and sustainable lending business.

Limit to locality

The money lending business is most successful when lenders stay within the same localities. Most of your borrowers rely on lenders who are their localities. As a lender, you succeed more in your locality because you know your local marketplace. It is better to invest in what you know and where you know.

Be transparent

Your authenticity and transparency as a money lender will tempt borrowers to you in a big way.

Lenders experience different types of borrowers and it’s the clarity in the lender’s transactions that allows a transparent borrower. Due to the high risk of the lending company, some lenders mitigate risk by asking for collateral, which is eventually considered.

The Pros and Cons of money lending

There are several reasons for which you need to raise funds but for them, you can not go to money lenders to ask for a loan. Though money lending becomes a basic need for everyone when you are out of money. These money lenders are the only option left with you to seek money from. There are several advantages and disadvantages of money lending which are further discussed ahead. You should be aware of every pros and con to make a rational decision effectively and efficiently.

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Here are the Pros of money lending are:

Flexibility and Versatility

Money lending provides flexibility in terms of choosing tenure of repayment and fixed monthly installments. Banks and other financial institutions understand the needs well and then allow the borrowers to get the loan to fulfill needs as per their convenience but by agreeing on certain terms and conditions which is necessary for safe business.

Lower interest rates and Higher borrowing limits

Banks and various money lending institutions offer loans at lower interest rates as compared to the people who do this loan giving business and charging an unnecessary interest rate from the general public. Even you get higher borrowing limits from banks and money lenders which are capable to cover the maximum of your monetary needs.

Easy to manage

Loans raised from banks and money lending institutions are indeed easier to manage as compared to some unauthorized sources which are not even safe to rely on.

Here are the Cons of money lending are:

High fees and penalties

You may notice that money lending institutions charge a high amount in the form of fees and penalties that sake up the trust of borrowers. Then, they pursue unauthorized sources to borrow money to avoid such high fees and penalties.

Higher payment than credit cards

Credit card payment is a serious issue but it is not as big as repayment of the loan amount. Any installment that gets missed will directly affect your credit score and market reputation. The amount is itself higher than the amount you can get as a credit card bill.

Can increase debts

Money lending source is itself a debt to the borrowers like other debts. He had to pay a certain amount of money as a fixed monthly installment along with the interest that can not be neglected. This keeps him away from borrowing to avoid such permanent nature expenses.

The Beautiful Blind Company

The Beautiful Blind Company

A person looking through a window

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Freshen Up the Home with Made-to-Measure Blinds
Spring is the ideal time of year for removing clutter and embracing an “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy: with the weather being neither too warm nor too cold, the time has come to open up the doors and windows and let in fresh air while cleaning off the dust and getting rid of items that are past their useful life. 

For many homeowners, this also means rethinking the home décor. If you feel that your home or conservatory is ready for a facelift, keep in mind that high-quality, made-to-measure blinds will do just as much as new furniture or decorations to improve the look of your home and conservatory.

You might begin by emboldening the look of the conservatory with a set of brightly coloured conservatory blinds that will look spectacular against the white trim. Pastel colours in particular provide a soft look in all seasons and allow for light to pass through without causing the room to feel too warm in the summer months. When considering your options, be sure that your final decision is a good fit for your conservatory’s existing décor. 

If your conservatory has not yet been completed and you haven’t already decided on the colour or style of furnishings, then consider all of these at once so that your new conservatory blinds and furnishings will both contribute to the desired look and feel of the conservatory.

Traditionally used externally as a window covering in hot climates, plantation shutters have come into fashion as an interior window covering because of their appealing combination of looks and practicality. Plantation shutters add texture and depth to any room and set off the windows even better than standard window treatments. 

They are also highly functional and improve energy efficiency by blocking drafts in winter and heat in the summer, both physically and by providing shade. In any season, they also provide privacy without blocking the view from within the home. Stained wood shutters look equally well against white or stained trim, and any natural colour for the walls will complete a traditional colour scheme. For more modern tastes, consider white plantation shutters, or shutters with a light stain, as a complement to light-coloured walls and a few well-chosen accent pieces. 

Shutters may be full-length, café-style (which leave the top half of the window uncovered, allowing light to come in while the shutters are closed for privacy) or tier-on-tier, covering the upper and lower halves of the window so that they can be opened and closed individually for the desired amount of light and privacy. Shutters are also just as easy to clean as traditional blinds: one quick wipe with a cloth or brush with a feather duster and you’re done!

Wood shutters can also be measured to fit doors opening up onto the front lawn or garden, offering many of the same benefits as plantation shutters for windows. Likewise, conservatory blinds should always be made-to-measure to ensure the perfect fit for each section of the conservatory.  For a fresh, new look to the home or conservatory that will delight the family and visitors alike, custom shutters and conservatory blinds may be exactly what you need. 

The Beautiful Blind Company
Consider looking for a company like The Beautiful Blind Company who specialise in conservatory roof blinds, conservatory blinds, plantation shutters and all other types of made to measure blinds.  They can supply and fit all types of blinds for your home and office, with each blind made to your exact requirements. They be contacted by visiting their website; – for further information.

How Do Self-Inflating Camping Mattress Work?

Setting up a camping trip is more than an exciting experience for everyone especially if you are going with your family. It is a memorable time for your kids as they expect to have fun in the woods. They know it is an outdoor activity and having a comfortable tent with self-inflating camping mats can attract the kids to go onboard.

Camping is a challenging trip and modern campers know what to bring to enjoy the whole adventure. Self-inflating camping mats create wonders on every trip and here’s how they work.

Inside the mat is a special kind of PU foam with open cells. They are compressed when rolled up and they expand when you roll the mat back out. Opening the valve causes the sleeping mat to literally self-inflate. Air is sucked in from the outside into the pores of the foam then the valve should be closed to prevent any air from escaping when you lie down on it.

The firmness of the mat can be controlled by using the valve. You can regulate the firmness and thickness of a self-inflating sleeping mat depending on the ground conditions and your choice of air inside. You can get more air into the sleeping mat by blowing air through the valve or through a mouthpiece.

Bear in mind though that inflating the mat with your mouth can build-up moisture and bacteria which can ruin the mat. It can affect the insulating capacity of your mat so a better alternative in inflating it is using pump systems.

How to keep your mat after using it?

Let all the air out to pack your sleeping mat down after using it. You can simply fold the sleeping mat two to three times and then open the valve. After releasing all the air inside, close the valve and roll the sleeping mat up. It is now ready for transport and always keep the mat rolled up during the transport.

How to check the thickness of the mat?

The thickness of the mat is usually anywhere from 3 cm to 10 cm and this thickness affects the user’s comfort. For example, mats with 3 a cm thickness are perfect for shorter trips. Some campers find mats with a thickness of 4-6 cm as comfortable for a good night’s sleep. For some, a thickness of 10 cm or more is suitable for their camping trip.

How to clean your mats after using them?

Remember that you use your mats outdoor so expect them to get dirty and scratched. Cleaning them is super easy and a must as experienced campers say. Simply wipe your mat with a wet cloth and soap. You can do this when the mat is inflated. Rinse it immediately and dry completely.

When there are scratches, you can easily repair them with patches and adhesive to secure the hole or tear in the surface. It is necessary to find the hole and seal it so you won’t mess up your next camping trip.

With all these simple guides to proper care of your mats, it is going to be easy for you to keep your self inflating mat useful for years.

Choose The Right Footwear For Embracing Your Style!

The look of any outfit can be completed by picking the right footwear for them. One can not carry formal footwear with an ethnic suit. The footwear collection has a large set of varieties, from pumps, flats, sandals, wedges, flip-flops, shoes, to many other types of designs. Sometimes it becomes difficult to select the right sandal for the right occasion. To avoid confusion, read about the best footwear style guides online. This will help you in becoming the trendsetter and will improve your fashion sense. Here, we have included the top picks that you can carry with any outfit and anytime. 

Fabric Shoes

The shoes cover the ankle, foot, and smaller parts of the lower calf. It is the best footwear that will give you the confidence to walk comfortably. The shoes do not necessarily mean sports shoes. There is a wide variety available in the shoes. They can be carried with formal wear, casual wear, formal events, day-outs, and small functions. It would be best if you had good pairs of shoes that you can carry anytime. The shoes are never out of fashion. Hence, they will make you look stylish with every look. 

Casual Sandals

Sandals work really better with summer and vacation style. During weekends or small day-outs, you should go to sandals. Men and women both prefer wearing sandals as they are not too much party wear and not so simple like flip-flops. The advantage of comfortable wearability ad breathability is also an essential factor for the high demand for the sandals. The variations available in the sandals are numerous. You can choose according to the event and occasion. The high heel sandals are loved by women while men mostly pick the flat rubber sandals for the travels. If you are selecting the flat sandals, then also choose a bit more elevated sole for a better look. 

Slide Sandals

The slide sandals are very popular among men, women, and kids collection- every season has some unique new launches in the slide designs. They are super comfortable and best for the summer wardrobe collection. The use of eco-friendly material in the slide design is widespread these days. Many designs available in the market are gender-neutral. Have a pair of such footwear in your wardrobe. It will give you a classic and stylish look every time you will carry them. They can be paired with denim jeans to short chic skirts to complete your best look. 

Beauty Salons and Beauty Treatments

Beauty Salons like Designer Lashes of London are a popular way for people to socialize nowadays, and a trip to a beauty salon with your girlfriends or even your daughter is a great way to spend some quality time together, catch up and get pampered too! Visiting beauty salons regularly has also become a part of many women’s lifestyles today, a trip to the salon can make you feel much better and gives you a great confidence boost with many women now taking the time to pamper themselves regularly with a range of treatments from facials to manicures.

Beauty salons have even become a popular option for men, with many men choosing to have manicures and pedicures. Although still more popular with women, it is now not rare to see a man having a facial or other skin treatment on your salon visit. It has also become a choice day out for those special mother and daughter days, with many mums saying that the time spent together has helped them understand their teenage daughter better. They now feel they are closer, sharing stories and talking together like friends would.

What Treatments do Beauty Salons Offer?

The treatments available at salons vary depending on where you choose to visit, but some treatments are typical to almost every beauty salon. Most salons will offer the following treatments:

Common Beauty Salon Services

Makeup application – if you have a special event planned it can be a real treat and great time saver to get your makeup done for you by a professional makeup stylist, and it can give you a great confidence boost.

Waxing – eyebrow and facial waxing, waxing can be tough on those sensitive areas around the face, and because you want the results to be perfect, a professional waxing job can be the best option. Waxing lasts longer than shaving or plucking, so you will not need to get it redone so frequently.

Tanning – self-tanning, as we all know, comes with its risks, streaking and missed areas being the most common. If you want a great looking tan that will not make you look orange, then paying a little extra for a tanning treatment is well worth it.

Hairstyling – most beauty salons have hair stylists on hand to ensure you get the full treatment and a great new look for your special occasion, you can get anything from a cut and blow-dry to a whole new style or highlights.

Nail care – beauty salons offer a range of treatments for your nails, manicures, pedicures (for your toes) polishing, buffing and acrylic nail application and maintenance. Your hands are nearly always on display and exposed to the elements every day, so do not forget to treat them too!

Skin care – beauty salons usually have a wide variety of skin care treatments, you can get a full facial, face mask, deep skin conditioning, exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, toning and many more.

Extra Beauty Salon Treatments

Some beauty salons offer even more types of treatments similar to those available in day spas or health spas, these can include Swedish massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, full body massage, hot stone massage, body wraps, acupuncture and many more.

Why choose a beauty salon?

As the range of beauty treatments available in salons continues to increase, more and more people choose to visit for all their beauty needs, instead of going to the hairdressers for your haircut and a health spa (often costly). By visiting beauty salons instead, you can get almost all the treatments you could want under one roof, plus many salons offer membership cards where you can get discounted treatments for being a regular customer. These types of benefits allow you to easily afford to treat yourself to a little extra (and well deserved) pampering on a much more regular basis than would have been possible previously.

Adoring Alber Elbaz

Long convinced of Alber Elbaz’s genius, we ever nevertheless stunned by the spring collection he created for Lanvin. It’s one of the season’s best, and to say he outdid himself is understatement, as nearly every look that came down the runway improved upon its predecessor. There were so many things to love: heavenly draping, gorgeously glitzy statement necklaces and belts, and saturated colors like teal and electric yellow.

Using the knockout spring show as our reference point, we sought out pieces that would convey that Lanvin feeling. We found an excellent t-strap sandal with a cone-shaped heel that reminded us of the shoes from the runway. A svelte satchel made the cut, as did a new lipstick from NARS (we found the exact color that was used in the show) and flashy fun piece of jewelry. An electric blue jersey dress with goddess-like draping completes the look.

1. Botiker Gladiator Small Shoulder Bag  ($450)

Slim and stylish, this front-flap bag has the sort of understated good looks found in Lanvin accessories.

2. Topshop Grecian Jersey Dress ($76)

The bold blue and figure-friendly cut of this bandeau dress make a great foundation for our Lanvin look. Perfect for those summer days out and about, team it with some retro Oakley sunglasses for the perfect compliment.

3. Steve Madden Evil Sandals ($109.95)

The fashion-forward and affordable footwear at Steve Madden rarely fail to please and these black patent leather platform sandals really suit our fancy.

4. NARS Lipstick in Scarlet Empress ($24)

Legendary makeup artist pat McGrath used this new semi-matte blue red lipstick to create the wine lips at Lanvin.

5. Twelve by Twelve Jeweled Choker/Headband ($8)

Feel free to indulge in a trendy bit of jewelry, like this choker/headband (we’d wear it as a headband), to bring a bit of sparkle to your look.

Teen fashion- a sneak peek

The teenage generation have long desired their own style and look no matter, be it hip hop fashion or the rock and roll trend. A part of their style deals with breaking away from adults in order to come up with an individual and unique identity. Also, it is plain, simple and fun in keeping up with the most recent and best in a teenage fashion. The truth is there is actually no right time for hitting the shopping mall. Below are some tried and tested tips that will help a  teenager to walk a shopping mall in style or hit the school/college campus. 

There may be some pieces in one’s wardrobe which may appear so yesterday. Here an intelligent step will be to pair it with some trendy, new accessories. No matter, be it a funky belt or a stylish pair of earrings, they can simply update the basics in their closet thereby giving it a completely new look. It will help them in keeping at par with the most recent teen fashion design devoid of having to spend their entire allowance amount in doing so. The other beautiful accessories in watching out for comprise of a modern neckpiece that can be worn over a favorite tee, a fabulous hang bag or a pair of shoes that is in trend. 

The next step will be to build a wardrobe for oneself. While doing so it is wise in working it around some basic colors which one likes and that which appears positively great on them. In fact, from the very base plate, they can create an entire wardrobe via adding some wild beads or camisole in hot colors. If they stick with the basics such as sassy skirts, solid-colored T-shirts and well fitting jeans they can mix and match smartly in the current teen fashion design. 

After assembling the closet, it is vital for a teenager in looking after the same via keeping the clothes clean, ironed and properly hung in her closet. For ensuring that she finds all the essential stuffs for a total ensemble, keep the closet tidy and arranged rather than heaped in the corner of the floor. 

Fashion is ubiquitous and not limited to a specific gender or age. It is relative thus differs from individual to individual. Every person has her own comfort level and tastes like a prom dress or formal dress for women according to which she should dress up. Women require in being cautious regarding what suits her and whatnot. In fact, the most vital category of people that are fashion enthusiasts undoubtedly are the teens. Teenagers today have become extremely conscious regarding how they present themselves in front of the public. Most young girls religiously follow trends yet they also require being careful and do not follow anything or everything blindly. 

Today there are a wide variety of choices in trendy accessories, footwear and clothes. The teens of the current era possess a strong fashion and style sense and are aware as to how to appear exceptional and stand out in the crowd. The bottom line is, the teenage girls must dress as per their age for retaining their cheerfulness and exuberance. 

Tips to Buy Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is a reliable gift for your partner, for Valentine’s Day or any other particular occasion. We actually love peeling something uncommon and glittery! But we have got the impression from our friends that purchasing the correct trinket is frequently a stressful experience. Constituting the woman’s perspective here, we offer some advices to assist you to select the apt piece of handmade jewellery. Here are few tips to assist you get it right.

What’s her Style? Initially, consider how your partner prefers to dress. Is a simple white blouse coupled with a small pendant and slim black pants her most-liked outfit? Or is a groovy concoction of colourful tunics, leggings and heavy jewellery her thing? Take a secret look in her wardrobe to consider her unique style and remember as you move on the jewellery hunt.

When does she wear Jewellery? Some women enjoy dressing smartly the standard business casual attire with an attractive bracelet or pin. Others prefer to spice up the weekend tee and jeans with a little bit of silver pearl jewellery. And then, certainly, there’s the evening out – dinner, parties, maybe a charity bargain – your partner might actually love to get out all the jewellery stops for these events. As you think about a handmade jewellery piece, consider how well it will match her jewellery wearing practice.

Does she have a metal, colour or material likings? It may be that your partner likes silver to all other metals, or pieces with blue stones to spot her lovely blue eyes. Some women aren’t metal-absorbed at all. We happen to adore jewellery in porcelain because these pieces best suit our modern style of dress. While you are prying around your partner’s wardrobe, open that jewellery box and observe what appears to be her advised material and colour.

Know the Budget: It’s actually easy to go bigoted when purchasing jewellery, but not everything you purchase requires being 18-karat gold laced with precious stones. Handmade jewellery comes in an unbelievable array of reasonably priced materials from fabric, paper, leather, and ceramics to less costly metals like copper and bronze. You can also hold to your budget by scaling down – a lovely pair of silver earrings  hoops can be the apt gift without being a budget-broke.

To a limited extent, these tips have been all about her. But you add up too. Buy what you prefer. If you can assume the bracelet encircling her wrist, those eye-catchy affordable engagement rings or new trends of earrings peeping out from under her hair, or that glittery necklace lighting up her skin, then go for it. Most importantly, you are going to be the one looking at it most frequently!