Adoring Alber Elbaz

Long convinced of Alber Elbaz’s genius, we ever nevertheless stunned by the spring collection he created for Lanvin. It’s one of the season’s best, and to say he outdid himself is understatement, as nearly every look that came down the runway improved upon its predecessor. There were so many things to love: heavenly draping, gorgeously glitzy statement necklaces and belts, and saturated colors like teal and electric yellow.

Using the knockout spring show as our reference point, we sought out pieces that would convey that Lanvin feeling. We found an excellent t-strap sandal with a cone-shaped heel that reminded us of the shoes from the runway. A svelte satchel made the cut, as did a new lipstick from NARS (we found the exact color that was used in the show) and flashy fun piece of jewelry. An electric blue jersey dress with goddess-like draping completes the look.

1. Botiker Gladiator Small Shoulder Bag  ($450)

Slim and stylish, this front-flap bag has the sort of understated good looks found in Lanvin accessories.

2. Topshop Grecian Jersey Dress ($76)

The bold blue and figure-friendly cut of this bandeau dress make a great foundation for our Lanvin look. Perfect for those summer days out and about, team it with some retro Oakley sunglasses for the perfect compliment.

3. Steve Madden Evil Sandals ($109.95)

The fashion-forward and affordable footwear at Steve Madden rarely fail to please and these black patent leather platform sandals really suit our fancy.

4. NARS Lipstick in Scarlet Empress ($24)

Legendary makeup artist pat McGrath used this new semi-matte blue red lipstick to create the wine lips at Lanvin.

5. Twelve by Twelve Jeweled Choker/Headband ($8)

Feel free to indulge in a trendy bit of jewelry, like this choker/headband (we’d wear it as a headband), to bring a bit of sparkle to your look.

Teen fashion- a sneak peek

The teenage generation have long desired their own style and look no matter, be it hip hop fashion or the rock and roll trend. A part of their style deals with breaking away from adults in order to come up with an individual and unique identity. Also, it is plain, simple and fun in keeping up with the most recent and best in a teenage fashion. The truth is there is actually no right time for hitting the shopping mall. Below are some tried and tested tips that will help a  teenager to walk a shopping mall in style or hit the school/college campus. 

There may be some pieces in one’s wardrobe which may appear so yesterday. Here an intelligent step will be to pair it with some trendy, new accessories. No matter, be it a funky belt or a stylish pair of earrings, they can simply update the basics in their closet thereby giving it a completely new look. It will help them in keeping at par with the most recent teen fashion design devoid of having to spend their entire allowance amount in doing so. The other beautiful accessories in watching out for comprise of a modern neckpiece that can be worn over a favorite tee, a fabulous hang bag or a pair of shoes that is in trend. 

The next step will be to build a wardrobe for oneself. While doing so it is wise in working it around some basic colors which one likes and that which appears positively great on them. In fact, from the very base plate, they can create an entire wardrobe via adding some wild beads or camisole in hot colors. If they stick with the basics such as sassy skirts, solid-colored T-shirts and well fitting jeans they can mix and match smartly in the current teen fashion design. 

After assembling the closet, it is vital for a teenager in looking after the same via keeping the clothes clean, ironed and properly hung in her closet. For ensuring that she finds all the essential stuffs for a total ensemble, keep the closet tidy and arranged rather than heaped in the corner of the floor. 

Fashion is ubiquitous and not limited to a specific gender or age. It is relative thus differs from individual to individual. Every person has her own comfort level and tastes like a prom dress or formal dress for women according to which she should dress up. Women require in being cautious regarding what suits her and whatnot. In fact, the most vital category of people that are fashion enthusiasts undoubtedly are the teens. Teenagers today have become extremely conscious regarding how they present themselves in front of the public. Most young girls religiously follow trends yet they also require being careful and do not follow anything or everything blindly. 

Today there are a wide variety of choices in trendy accessories, footwear and clothes. The teens of the current era possess a strong fashion and style sense and are aware as to how to appear exceptional and stand out in the crowd. The bottom line is, the teenage girls must dress as per their age for retaining their cheerfulness and exuberance.