Men to choose clothing according to their body shapes

Selection of clothing expresses the personality in every individual. Hence one needs to spend or invest time in the selection of right clothing. When it comes to clothing for men, shape of the body needs to be considered while selecting the clothing materials. For proper health care one has to wear dresses according to the shape of the body in order to get the right comforts. Otherwise an inappropriate clothing will severe the health rather than serve the purpose. Tailor made dresses are generally preferred by many men across the world than the readymade dresses of the present times. Personalized made clothing always fit according to the shapes of the body, where as the other dresses from traditions stores may not make a right fit for every individual. Read more to know some basic dressing tips for men.

Follow the tips given below

Body shapes of men are more subtle in comparison with women. Short men need to wear the right clothing to look a bit taller while large sized men needs to wear lengthwise prints to look slimmer. Comfort should be the priority for men while choosing clothing. Here are some tips for men:

  • Here one should understand a fact that every individual is unique when it comes to the body shape and hence a tailor made dresses are considered to be right fit in all aspects by offering good amount of comforts for men as well as women. However the modern women always prefer the clothing from online stores as they offer innumerable styles and designs which attract most women. Men with less height can always wear dresses with smaller prints which will make them to look larger in term of size as well as height.
  •  Men who are slim and tall can use clothes with horizontal lines which will help the users to look a bit wider and will also reduce the height. Men with heavy body are recommended to wear lengthwise stripes in order to look slimmer. With regards to a comfortable fitting there are several misconceptions in the minds of people. In a practical sense one should select clothing that fit the individual in a right manner and offers a great comfort. When it comes to clothing comfort takes the higher berth than the other parameters.

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Emu Oil Eye Cream For Puffiness

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Safety measures to follow before opting for online shopping


Are you adequately informed about the precautions to take when making an online purchase? Protect yourself from fraudsters and legal embarrassment by developing good online buyer reflexes.

Learn to detect fraud

The Government of USA gives you some tips for detecting online fraud:

  • Beware of traders who offer you prices too good to be true and possible counterfeits.
  • Be wary when the website is poorly designed or does not look professional.
  • Be careful if you are asked for banking information when you have not bought anything.

Check the merchant’s reliability

Check if the company appears on other sites and read what is said.

To know more about kelan Shopping shopmerchants, consult the “Finding a merchant” search tool on the Office of Consumer Protection website. This is the way to check if he has his business license or if he is the subject of a complaint or conviction.

Make sure the merchant clearly informs you of return, exchange or refund policies.The Office of Consumer Protection also suggests calling the merchant. The latter is also obliged to disclose his address and telephone number under the Consumer Protection Act.

Verify that the merchant uses a reliable online payment service

An icon should appear at the edge of your browser’s address bar. It is often a padlock or a key. The padlock must be in the closed position and the key must be intact.The website address must start with https, the “s” indicating that the site is secure.Merchants must also ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, including your credit card number.

Provide only the information necessary for the transaction

  • Your name and contact details
  • The credit card number for online payment
  • Generally, the merchant cannot demand your SIN.

Be careful when paying

Before paying, make sure that the merchant gives you all the details about the price, namely:

  • Taxes and other related costs;
  • The currency in which the total amount is payable;
  • Any additional fees charged.

Be aware that the merchant cannot require you to pay the total price at the time of purchase, unless you pay by credit card or if you buy:

  • A subscription to a magazine, a magazine or a newspaper;
  • A trip to a travel agent who holds a trust account;
  • A good or service offered by the Government, its departments and bodies whose budget is voted by the National Assembly.

Be sure to read your bank statements. Check that the amount collected corresponds to the total mentioned by the merchant at the time of purchase.

Be extra careful when buying from a non-dealer or a foreign trader

The Consumer Protection Act does not apply if you make a purchase from a non-merchant or a merchant who does not do business in USA. It may therefore be more difficult to assert your rights. Here are some additional precautions to take:

Before concluding a transaction:

Make sure that you have the contact details of the seller to contact him in case of any problem. Before paying, send an email to the seller asking for their phone number and address.Remember to pay the seller in person when he gives you the goods or services you are doing.